How do I get the Bratislava CARD?

• The Bratislava CARD can be purchased either as a plastic or a digital card.

• The plastic card can be purchased in person at the selected sales points or exchanged for the voucher sent to your e-mail address after the online purchase at

• The digital card can be purchased via free Bratislava CARD App working on both iOS and Android platforms as well as online at

How to activate the card?

• The plastic card will be issued and activated by the staff of the sales or online collection points according to your requirements, or you can activate it by yourself by filling out the reverse side of the card clearly in block capitals before its first use. The voucher must be exchanged for the plastic card within 90 days after the expected date of arrival.

• You can activate your digital card any time after purchase according to your needs, i.e. you do not have to activate it immediately after purchase or on the day of the purchase. However, the card must be activated within 90 days from the date of purchase. Activate the card right before its first use to avoid an early start of the countdown of the card’s validity period. Just enter the card number sent to your e-mail address into a designated field.

Time of purchase vs time of activation

• You can buy the digital card in advance but activate it upon your arrival to the city right before its intended first use. You will avoid an early activation and start of the countdown of the card’s validity period.

• Once the card is activated, countdown cannot be stopped, and the card cannot be replaced by a new one.

Who is the card intended for?

• Bratislava CARD is primarily intended for individuals – persons aged 16 and over.

Is there a special Bratislava CARD for families with children?

No. Most attractions and service providers already offer discounts or a budget-priced admission to families with children.
• One child up to the age of 18 accompanied by the cardholder is also entitled to unlimited travel by public transport.
• One child accompanied by the cardholder can benefit from a free admission to Bibiana and free attendance on a guided walking tour.

Do you provide discounts to children, students, or seniors?

• No.

What is the validity of the card?

• The card is valid for 24, 48 or 72 consecutive hours from the date and hour of activation at the sales point or in the Bratislava CARD application.

Is it possible to extend or shorten the validity of the card?

• The card’s validity can be extended by purchasing another card. Its validity cannot be shortened.

Can more persons use the same card?

• The plastic card is non-transferable and valid only if it contains the name and surname of the cardholder, the date and time of activation.
• In the case of a digital card, it is possible to have several active cards stored in one device.

What does unlimited travel by public transport include?

• Bratislava CARD is a network ticket allowing unlimited travel on both day and night lines, transport of 1 piece of luggage and 1 child up to the age of 18 accompanied by the cardholder.
• It includes unlimited travel in all IDS BK tariff zones and covers the whole city of Bratislava (zones 100 and 101) and the Bratislava region.

• The card is also valid for transport to the M.R. Štefánik Airport in Bratislava.
Transport to popular attractions located outside the city centre such as the Devín Castle, ZOO, Divoká voda Water Sports Areal and the Danubiana Art Museum is also included.

• The public transport in Bratislava operates around the clock. However, night traffic is limited. All bus and trolleybus stops are upon request. Timetables can be found here.

How to use the card in the public transport?

• When travelling on the city public transport, show the card along with your ID only to the ticket inspector upon request. When travelling on regional transport, show the card to a regional bus driver or a train conductor.

• By the plastic card incl. public transport show its reverse side containing cardholder’s name and surname, date and hour of activation.

• By the digital card incl. public transport display the generated electronic travel ticket with a QR code showing also the dynamic countdown of the card’s validity period. This electronic travel ticket can be also displayed in an offline mode.

Is it necessary to register for the free guided walking tour?

• Yes. The tour takes place daily at 14.00 and it is necessary to book the place at least 2 hours prior to the start of the tour in person, by phone or by e-mail.
• The tour is available in the Slovak, English and German language (booking according to a current demand).
• The minimum number of participants is two, otherwise the tour in the requested language will not be provided. Depending on the validity of the card, the cardholder will be offered another tour date or language.

Should I book also other attractions and services in advance?

• If the registration is needed, this information is stated in the Bratislava CARD brochure or on the website
• This applies mainly to guided tours of the city and region.

How many benefits can I use per day? Can I use individual benefits more than once?

• There is no limit to the number of benefits you can use in one day.

• If not stated otherwise, all benefits can be used repeatedly during the card’s validity period. However, most free benefits can only be used once.

What are the opening hours of attractions?

Most museums and galleries are closed on Mondays, except the Bratislava Castle, Michael’s Tower and Museum of Jewish Culture. The last admission is at least 30 minutes before closing, unless stated otherwise.
Most shops are closed during public holidays.
• Some restaurants may be closed during certain public holidays or may have revised opening hours on that day.
• We strongly recommend verifying the opening hours in advance.

What if I lose my card or I do not use it?

• Unfortunately, a lost, stolen, or damaged card cannot be replaced.

Purchased cards not used until given date cannot be refunded.

Issued and activated plastic card may be cancelled up to 20 mins. from the purchase at an extra cost of 5 € but only at the sales point where it was purchased.

• The digital card not yet activated in the mobile app can be cancelled up to 14 days from the date of purchase. Already activated digital cards cannot be cancelled. 

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